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Gold and silver are more than just shiny accessories; they’re highly valued investment instruments and are very popular among online traders. Trade metals with Afree Markets to shine in the markets.

Why TRADE COMMODITIES with Afree Markets?

Enjoy the benefits of trading gold, silver, crude oil and other commodities with Afree Markets


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Metals are considered potential safe havens for traders across the globe
Gold and silver have been exchanged and used as currencies throughout history
Trade the most popular metals, gold and silver, with your Royal trading account


Commodities trading in gold has become very popular indeed, as online investment has grown, as it provides one of the simplest and most affordable means of making a profit.
Gold has great transferable value and historically has been proven to be extremely dependable for gold traders. Plus precious metals in general make an excellent bolster during periods where currencies are depressed and inflation is high.

The most popular traded commodity

Historically strong demand

Excellent hedge against inflation

Gold Silver & other Commodities Spreads & Margin

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Symbol Description Bid Ask Spread (pips)
XAGUSD Silver on Spot 22.145 22.184 4.0
XAUUSD Gold on Spot 1773.45 1774.24 7.9
XPDUSD Palladium 1,320 1,331 11.0
XPTUSD Platinum 802 803 1.2
XBRUSD Brent Crude Oil 47.30 47.38 0.7
XTIUSD WTI crude oil 44.84 44.91 0.7
InstrumentMinimum spread*Margin rate fromTrading hours
Cocoa Bulk Bean (UK)3.510%Daily 09:30-16:55
Cocoa (US)410%Daily 09:45-18:30
Coffee Arabica310%Daily 09:15-18:30
Coffee Robusta310%Daily 09:00-17:30
Copper210%Sun 23:00-Fri 22:00 (break 22:00-23:00)
Corn0.910%Daily 01:00-13:45 / 14:30-19:15
Cotton1510%Daily 02:00-19:20
Crude Oil Brent2.5
10%Sun 23:00-Fri 22:00 (daily break 23:00-01:00 Mon-Thu)
Crude Oil West Texas2.5
10%Sun 23:00-Fri 22:00 (daily break 22:00-23:00 Mon-Thu)
Feeder Cattle2010%Daily 14:30-19:05
Gasoline2.510%Sun 23:00-Fri 22:00 (break 22:00-23:00)
Gold0.35%Sun 23:00-Fri 21:00 (daily break 22:00-23:00)
Heating Oil2.810%Sun 23:00-Fri 22:00 (break 22:00-23:00)
Lean Hogs1010%Daily 14:30-19:05
Live Cattle1010%Daily 14:30-19:05
Low Sulphur Gasoil510%Sun-Fri 23:00-22:00
Lumber1010%Daily 15:00-19:05
Natural Gas0.310%Sun 23:00-Fri 21:00 (daily break 22:00-23:00 Mon-Thu)
Oats910%Daily 01:00-13:45 / 14:30-19:15
Orange Juice1010%Daily 13:00-19:00
Palladium1010%Sun 23:00-Fri 22:00 (break 22:00-23:00)
Platinum1010%Sun 23:00-Fri 22:00 (break 22:00-23:00)
Rough Rice410%Daily 01:00-13:45 / 14:30-19:15
Silver2.510%Sun 23:00-Fri 21:00 (daily break 22:00-23:00)
Soybean1.510%Daily 01:00-13:45 / 14:30-19:15
Soybean Meal710%Daily 01:00-13:45 / 14:30-19:15
Soybean Oil910%Daily 01:00-13:45 / 14:30-19:15
Sugar Raw410%Daily 08:30-18:00
Sugar White710%Daily 08:45-17:55
Wheat0.810%Daily 01:00-13:45 / 14:30-19:15

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